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Peter Thomson

Job title: 
Research Director
Main areas of interest: 
Organisational cultures that support new ways of working and the management processes required to gain the business benefits. Productivity of mobile working, team working in virtual teams and the use of technology for remote meetings.
Current projects: 
Peter has recently finished writing a book “Future Work” (published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2011). He carried out research into organisational cultures and their relationship with flexible working as part of this exercise. He has also studied the productivity of home workers and contributed to the work of the Department for Transport on alternatives to travel. He has run management workshops for Enfield Borough Council and provided strategic consultancy to Lee Valley Regional Park Autho

Peter has helped many managers to implement new ways of working, through workshops and presentations to management teams. He is a recognised expert on the future of work, having been Director of the Future Work Forum at Henley Business School for 16 years. He has spoken at many conferences about the changing nature of work and the need for management cultures to keep up with the change. He was the HR Director for Digital Equipment at the time it was a leader in the implementation of remote and flexible work practices.