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Webinars 2016

A year in the life of a 'wise work' project.
Over 2016 we ran a series of six webinars tracking the process typically taken by a project implementing new ways of working. They took people through the stages of implementing a Smart Working programme which typically spread out over a year.
We prefer to call our solution "wise work" rather than the more popular "smart work" that is commonly in use. It's a lot more than flexible working and an extension of smart working. It's "wise" because it is put in place as a key business strategy, recognising that the productivity of the workforce is critical to all organisations. It's about an engaging culture that gives staff control over their working lives. It doesn't just produce happier, more loyal, employees, it produces results.
Each webinar took just 30 minutes so they are easy to digest. You can now see the recordings by following the links from this page.
We have also summarised the webinars into an e-book which is available for you to download free.

The webinars covered these topics:

1 - deciding to start the project

Making the initial decision as to whether it is worth pursuing the introduction of more flexible ways of working for your organisation

2 - initiating

Focusing on 3 key areas of influence: Identifying and influencing the main stakeholders, Using business data to best effect to support the business case, and Getting and keeping the top team on board.

3 - proof of concept

Setting up the project plan, evaluating pilots against the plan.

4 - implementing

Launching the scheme, balancing staff, space and systems.

5 - roll-out

Implementing best practice, including; Training and education, Communications, Guides and toolkits

6 - consolidation and the future

New ways of working and culture, alignment and leadership.

2016 Webinar Recordings

If you missed any of the webinars in our "Year in the life of a 'Wise Work' project" series it's not a problem.

They are available on a YouTube playlist.

You can watch the whole series from beginning to end, or pick out one that particualrly interests you.