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Peter Thomson

Main areas of interest:

Peter is an internationally recognised authority on the future of work and its implications for organisations. He speaks regularly at conferences on the subject and works closely with leaders on the management of their organisational cultures. His interests include the productivity of mobile working, team working in virtual teams and the use of technology for remote meetings.


Peter spent 18 years with Digital Equipment where he was the HR Director for Northern Europe. During this time he pioneered new ways of working with technology and helped the senior team to develop an empowering organisational strategy. He then set up the Future Work Forum at Henley Business School which he ran for 16 years. Although this has now closed, he is still a Visiting Fellow at Henley. He is also Director of a new Future Work Forum, an international group of leading consultants with a common interest.

He has been a consultant in the field of flexible working for 25 years and has advised countless managers and leaders during that time. In 2011 he published Future Worka best selling book written in conjunction with Alison Maitland. An updated version of the book was published in 2014 and has had many positive reviews.

He is also the chief editor of a new book 'Conquering Digital Overload'. He co-ordinated the contributions from 16 separate authors and wrote several sections himself. The result is a book that challenges leaders to rethink their organisational culture and the example they are setting themselves.

Client work:

Peter is currently the advisor to a major multinational engineering firm moving offices and introducing smart working. He has run workshops for them to identify the changes needed in their leadership culture.

Recent clients include local authorities, a medical equipment supplier and a government agency. In all these cases he has been instrumental in setting the strategic direction of their working practices.

He has also spoken at events in Boston, Washington, Lisbon and London over the last year and sat on several expert panels.


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