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Jill Scott

Main Areas of Interest

Jill is a trained teacher, coach, mediator and auditor who is interested in the people aspects of smart/agile working. She understands that to get the full benefits of a flexible working environment, organisations need employees that are not only equipped with the skills and confidence to get the best from technology but are also able to appreciate the particular HR challenges and opportunities of new ways of working. Jill’s focus is on building a confident, skilled workforce that can fully embrace the ethos that “work is a thing you do, not a place you go”.


Jill is CEO/Managing Director of Flexible Work Solutions Limited, a small business that offers a range of practical tools to address workplace issues. The company offers expert advice and guidance on a range of topics, including managing diversity and a diverse workforce and promoting flexible and smart/agile working. The company’s approach is on education and culture change, by delivering consultancy and training within organisations wanting to work in new and more effective ways.

Jill has over twenty years’ experience in working within higher education prior to establishing her own company. She was seconded to the HEFCE-funded Flexible Employment Options project to work on three separate projects over a 5 year period and has delivered training and consultancy at more than 50 higher education institutions. She is particularly interested in delivering training using a variety or media and helping line managers to develop the expertise and confidence to manage flexible/agile workers. 

Client Work

Jill works mainly in the public sector, but also has experience of working with private and third sector organisations. Recent clients include universities in the Midlands, Scotland, London and the South East, a Chamber of Commerce and a not-for-profit in Staffordshire.  

Jill Scott