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Graham Smith

Main areas of interest:

Graham specialises in understanding the relationship between work and workplace. Graham is continually looking for ways to improve how we work and specialises in the identification and elimination of waste in day to day activities. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Graham is experienced in leading problem-solving projects to help organisations improve their customer experience and reduce costs through the application of business process improvement.

He firmly believes that through the systematic removal of unnecessary barriers in work we can create happier, healthier people and ultimately a more productive workforce.


 Graham is an experienced business process improvement and workplace consultant.  Graham has introduced SMART working initiatives across public and private sector organisations. He uses Business Process Management techniques to integrate organisations strategy and goals to improve customer experience.  He helps organisations understand the relationship between customer value and internal process and develops and embeds new ways of working.

 Graham has delivered projects and continuous improvement programmes within customer driven organisations such as BBC, GE and T-Mobile.

 Client work:

Recent clients include a multinational property services company, healthcare and several local authorities. He is presently delivering a programme to align data sources and work methodology to provide intelligence led ways or working within a complex multinational company. 

Graham Smith